Delivering home goods, construction supplies or pretty much any other large, bulky item is no small feat for small and midsize businesses. That’s especially true in today’s market, where meeting consumer demand for fast and convenient local delivery can feel like an uphill battle against extra costs for shipping, fuel and even labor. It doesn’t have to be.

That’s where crowdsourcing comes in. Crowdsourced local delivery takes the stress out of getting oversized, heavy or bulky items to customers’ doorsteps. Not only can you deliver those orders in as little as two hours, but with crowdsourcing, you don’t need a private fleet of trucks, drivers and logistics systems to do so. 

By giving you an efficient, effective and even profitable option for ultrafast local delivery on orders of all sizes, crowdsourcing leaves your team free to focus on growing your business. 

How crowdsourcing keeps the last mile fast no matter order size or weight

From loveseats to ladders to lawnmowers, small and midsize businesses are using Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery platform to send out-of-the-box, oversized items for less. 

Roadie’s platform can help you:

Tap into a network of local drivers already on the road in your community. That way, you can deliver on demand without being limited by traditional carriers’ constraints. With Roadie, you can send an item across town for as little as $9.

Get capacity when you need it. By tapping into Roadie’s nationwide driver network, you can access vehicle capacity when you need it (and not pay for it when you don’t). That means you can offer customers a variety of convenient delivery options, from four hours to next day, scheduled around their needs. Plus, with no admin or account fees to maintain access to the platform, small and midsize businesses only pay for the deliveries you need.

Skip the extra fees. With Roadie, you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to send an order. There are no hidden charges for handling and no surprise fees for orders that come in off-hours or with hard-to-reach destinations. (Learn how S&S Fire Pits used Roadie to beat rising fees on premium shipping and take the load off sending its large, custom fire pits directly to customers.)

Use less packaging. With Roadie, there are no packaging requirements. That saves you money on boxes, cushioning, tape, wrap and more required to send large items with traditional carriers. Forget searching for the right size box for a bulky order and focus on more important tasks, like growing your business. 

Reduce the risk of damage. A big benefit of crowdsourcing with Roadie is that drivers pick up the order from your store and hand-deliver it to your customer’s door, with no transfers in between. That means you don’t have to worry about handoffs between workers, trucks or various warehouses on the way to its destination.

Give customers the tracking they want. When it comes to managing the customer experience, visibility into the delivery process is critical. Nearly half (46%) of shoppers want “clearly anticipated delivery times,” a Shopify survey found. Whether the order is going across town or to a different region, the Roadie app makes it easy for your end customer to see at a glance where their order is at any moment. Plus, you’ll have peace of mind knowing where orders are at all times.

Know you’re covered. Roadie automatically protects your delivery up to $100. And if you want more coverage, we offer up to $10,000 in protection for even more peace of mind.

Stand out from the crowd with same-day shipping on all orders

E-commerce sales have climbed over the last decade, including for large items. From home appliances and sporting goods to farm equipment, shoppers are increasingly making their purchases online. 

With Roadie, you can offer fast, flexible and convenient delivery for big and big-ticket items, too. Using Roadie can help you handle one-off urgent deliveries, cover capacity gaps and even keep up with daily demand. That puts you in position to make good on your same-day delivery promise across all your inventory regardless of size, shape or weight.

Ready to learn more? Download our same-day delivery guide for tips on how to set your operation up for successful ultrafast delivery with every order.

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