Ready to optimize your fulfillment with batched and routed delivery? Read on for tips on setting your organization up for success.

Why use batched and routed delivery?

  • Faster delivery times
  • Cost savings
  • Scalability
  • Fewer errors

How to get the most out of Roadie’s batched and routed delivery solution:

  • Estimate expected volume by location, right down to the individual item level (if possible).
    TIP: The more volume you send to a specific area, the better fit batching and routing is for your business.
  • Sort orders into the correct batch before drivers arrive for pickup.
    TIP: The Roadie SmartSort® app makes organizing batches easy.
  • Consider clustered pickup times if you send a high volume of orders.
    TIP: Upload orders to Roadie’s platform at 1 a.m., for example, and have our algorithm consolidate pickups for set times, like 8:30 a.m. and noon.

Step by step: How batched and routed delivery works.

1. You submit orders via CSV file or use Roadie’s 01 application programming interface

2. Once the orders are in, Roadie’s algorithm combines multiple orders into batches and builds dynamic routes optimized for fast, on-time delivery based on parameters such as direction and deadline.

3. Your employees sort the orders into the correct batch. (Using Roadie SmartSort® installed on scanners or mobile devices makes the process easy.)

4. A driver is given a unique batch ID that 04 identifies which batch to take.

5. When the crowdsourced driver arrives and requests batch ID “XYZ,” your employee gives them all the pre-sorted orders.

6. Roadie’s platform gives you status updates for each order within the batch. You can view the orders’ progress, be alerted to any issues (such as a canceled order) and know when each order in the batch arrives.

7. Your customer receives their order.

6 reasons to start using Roadie to batch and route your deliveries:

  • Optimize same-day delivery routes while balancing cost savings with fast delivery.
  • Send orders to customers faster while saving time and money on fleet management.
  • Meet on-demand and urgent delivery needs.
  • Save time and get back to business faster.
  • Automate and optimize your end-to-end, same-day delivery process.
  • Enjoy happier customers who keep coming back for more.

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