Do your customers complain that heavy and bulky items can’t be delivered same-day? Roadie’s network of crowdsourced drivers can help!

Standard Oversized Last Mile Delivery vs. Sending Items with Roadie XL™

  • Standard Oversized Delivery: Other last-mile delivery options aren’t built for sending big and bulky products.
  • Roadie XL™: Roadie’s network of crowdsourced drivers handle oversized items without the added hassle and cost.

Dimensional Weight Fees

  • Standard Oversized Delivery: Traditional delivery charges extra using complex formulas based on package dimensions to determine the box’s “potential” weight.
  • Roadie XL™: With RoadieXL™, there are no formulas to figure out delivery costs and no hidden fees for large items. You pay for delivery and any special equipment.


  • Standard Oversized Delivery: Carriers usually make you put your product in a box. Have you seen what happens to a cardboard box holding a 100-pound item in transit? Why bother?
  • Roadie XL™: With RoadieXL™, you won’t waste money on packaging that won’t survive anyway. Crowdsourced drivers pick up your item without the sacrificial box.

Cutoff Times

  • Standard Oversized Delivery: Oversized items need more prep time for carriers because they don’t conform to automated processes and machinery.
  • Roadie XL™: With RoadieXL™, crowdsourced drivers pick up your heavy or bulky items and deliver same- or next-day without long handling times.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Standard Oversized Delivery: When you advertise same-day and next-day delivery, your customers don’t expect any restrictions on that service.
  • Roadie XL™: With RoadieXL™, you can deliver your full product line ultrafast, which keeps your customers happy (and your competitors sad).