There’s no room for guesswork or error in the ultra-fast delivery supply chain. Customers need their orders fast, and you’re expected to make that happen. 

Final proof of delivery is key to offering a higher level of customer service. When you take the time to provide photographic proof of delivery plus text or email confirmations, customers have peace of mind knowing their orders have been delivered. You and your customers can even use proof of delivery to track the package in real time as it makes its way to the destination.  

Getting deliveries over the finish line

Customers want to track their deliveries as those orders move from your store to their doors. In fact, two-thirds of consumers want to know where their order is at all points in the delivery journey, and many assume that retailers will offer order tracking. Roadie’s e-commerce logistics platform helps small and midsize businesses manage live order tracking and provide proof of delivery on every order.

“Delivery confirmation is an opportunity to surprise, delight and protect customers during the delivery of their order,” says Scott Heller, business development manager at Roadie.

“Better delivery tracking and confirmation is the last touch a brand has with its customers, so it needs to be excellent. A great experience can be ruined if the ball is fumbled in the final yard.”

Customers want real-time visibility into order progress, and they’re not just looking for typical delivery confirmations. They want to see:

  • When an order is out for delivery
  • Where that order is at every step of the delivery journey
  • Whether the order has been delayed and why
  • What the order looked like when it was dropped off, via a confirmed photo  

“It’s exciting for customers to know exactly when their order will arrive, and it even helps steer them away from negative experiences like rain-soaked orders,” Heller says. 

Lowering customer stress levels

Delivery tracking has come a long way over the last few years, but some providers still rely on some outdated processes. Some carriers only know when items are scanned off a truck, for instance, but not in front of your door. 

And if your customers live on a densely populated street or in an apartment building, it could take a while for a driver to exit the truck with a load of deliveries and make it to the front door. Even if it’s just a few minutes, that visibility gap may worry your customers. 

Roadie eliminates the gap by letting customers track delivery progress in real time. They’ll also receive a notification when orders arrive at their doorsteps, complete with a photo confirming the location and condition of the package. 

Covering the bases from store to door

Tracking order progress in real time becomes increasingly important in the delivery world, and Roadie helps you cover the on-demand delivery and transparency bases. Customers know where their orders are at all times through: 

  • Live tracking: They’ll see when the order leaves your store and watch in real time as that order makes its way to their door. Customers love having this high level of visibility over their deliveries. 
  • Photographic chain of custody: Photos and text updates at key points ensure orders arrive safely and any issues are flagged as they surface. Customers can see where orders were dropped off to ensure quick retrieval and/or review orders that require a delivery signature.
  • Delivery notes: If your driver needs to confirm an address, change a pickup time or report a problem, that messaging is shared right in the Roadie app. This takes the guesswork out of deliveries and gives you more power over the process. 

Real-time tracking provides an evidence stream for in-transit packages, and photographic proof of delivery shows customers their package was delivered to the correct address and wasn’t tampered with. Roadie’s delivery confirmation gives you the ability to drive the guesswork out of the delivery process, reduce returns, thwart package theft, keep your current customers happy and attract new ones.