Consumers Want Sustainability
— and Faster Delivery

What does this mean? Retailers must create excellent consumer experiences in environmentally responsible and economically sustainable ways.

Consumer Sustainability Demands

Today’s shoppers don’t want to be responsible for negatively impacting the environment with the goods they buy online. As a result, many have begun to seek out greener options.

  • Consumers want to spend more on sustainability. In fact, 85% shied purchase behavior over the past 5 years toward sustainable choices.
  • Younger generations will spend on greener solutions. 75% of Millennials and Gen Zers are willing to pay more for sustainable products.
  • 89% of consumers want eco-friendly shipping options at checkout when shopping online.
  • Roadie Green lets retailers provide sustainable delivery, reduce carbon emissions, and collect data for ESG goals and reporting — all without massive investments in green fleet infrastructure.

Consumer Delivery Demands

Unfortunately, many consumers aren’t willing to sacrifice speed for sustainability. Rather than choosing between green or fast options, now they want both.

  • Major retailers still recognize the long-term benefits of ultrafast delivery. Amazon is making moves to shorten delivery times to one day in 2023.
  • While concerns about inflation and cost now supersede worries about delivery timing, speed is still the second-most concern among consumers.
  • Failing to provide fast delivery results in lost business. 95% of shoppers will go elsewhere if a retailer doesn’t offer their desired delivery option.
  • With Roadie Green™, businesses don’t have to choose between fast or sustainable shipping. Give customers the ultrafast delivery they want — sustainably.