Maybe you’re an art gallery owner who found the perfect painting. Or perhaps you’re a newlywed couple buying a framed photograph for your first home. You may even be an artist selling sculptures at an art festival. Whatever the case, you can’t be too careful when you’re planning to ship artwork.

Many would say shipping is both a science and art — and an expensive one at that. But it doesn’t need to be.

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That’s why we listed the best techniques to shipping artwork across town or nationwide — including the cheapest shipping option: Roadie!

1. Measure the Artwork

When you ship artwork with Roadie, you don’t need to know the exact measurements of your artwork. But, shipping a painting versus shipping a sculpture requires different sized cars.

Our Drivers drive everything from sedans to box trucks. So, posting the right Gig size will be imperative to finding the right driver and shipping your art.

For a quick refresher on why size matters, check out our guide here.

2. Protect Your Painting

Art shipping boxes are not required to send with Roadie. Still, it never hurts to wrap your painting in a blanket and bubble wrap for a little extra coverage. Plus, we insure your stuff up to $100 and offer extra coverage up to $10,000. So, when you’re shipping fine art, consider yourself covered.

3. Be Clear About Delivery Expectations

Tell your Drivers about the conditions of the pick up and drop off: Is there parking? Will you need help moving the artwork? Do they need bungee cables? You should list all these details in your Gig description.

And remember, Roadie Drivers aren’t movers, but most are willing to help. Our pricing model is simple, but if your delivery needs a little extra love, we made it easy to sweeten the deal. It’s for when you may need more muscle, more hustle, or more flexibility.