With Goodwill and Roadie, cleaning out your closet and giving back to your community go hand-in-hand. And now you can schedule a free pick up and donate to Goodwill with the tap of a button.

When Goodwill sells items you donate, that revenue helps fund job placement and training programs within your community. For Shay, a Goodwill program helped her find a job and provide for her family.

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After living in Washington, D.C. her entire life, Shay Felder decided to make the big move to Georgia with her three children. Shay had recently split from her husband, so she wanted a fresh start in Atlanta for her family.

Once she moved to Georgia, however, she quickly realized how hectic being a single mom and sole breadwinner could be.  For Shay, family was everything; she knew she needed to build herself up financially, mentally, and emotionally for her kids.

“I had to talk to myself every day and say, ‘Come on, Shay, get up! Do this because your children need you.’”

That’s when she walked into a Goodwill of North Georgia career center. After a conversation with the career counselors, she decided to transition to a career in the construction industry.

The training lasted about two months, then Shay followed up with her Goodwill job counselor to begin applying to jobs. Within a couple weeks, she earned a job at the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Since then, Shay no longer has to worry about providing for her family. Living in a three-bedroom townhouse, she and her family love their new life in Georgia. And the best part, her kids tell her every day, “Mom, you’re our mentor.”