More than ever, it seems like we have a lot to do in very little time — and need more productivity tools to do it. As a small business owner, the first conclusion may be to hire more hands. Or as a parent, you may first think to cut activities you love.

From managing calendars to organizing projects to handling invoices, day-to-day tasks prevent us from figuring out how to be productive. But what if you had the timesaving answers sitting in your pocket? Well, there’s an app for that.

Here are 8 of the best productivity apps to help you get more things done, faster. And all of them are favorites for our team at Roadie HQ.

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Without Trello, most projects would be lost. From team communications to sharing deliverables, the online and mobile app streamlines projects into a manageable workflow. Work more collaboratively and get information at a glance with this productivity tool.

Features include: Team boards, Color-coded labels, calendar integration, checklists, activity notifications, file attachments, Dropbox and Google Drive integration


With receipt scanning, approval workflows, and accounting syncs, Expensify makes every step of the reporting process easier. And with integrations from travel apps to financial technology, the app makes you more productive by automating everything for you. You don’t even need to leave the app to reimburse your employees.

Features include: Receipt scanning, direct deposit reimbursement, travel integrations, tax tracking, duplicate expense detection, automatic report submissions


Never lose a business card again. CamCard lets you easily scan, manage, and exchange business cards in a single database. It’s a timesaving app that keeps you from fumbling around looking for a business contact. And if you use Salesforce, it will automatically integrate into your client management system.

Features include: E-card exchange, card scanner, Salesforce integration, add notes/reminders, batch scan cards, cross-device synchronization


Book a flight, TripIt will log it. Secure a hotel, TripIt reminds you to check in. Rent a car, TripIt has you covered. Needless to say, this app will make any business trip easier. Organize your travel plans in one app, and then share your itinerary with others.

Features include: Master itinerary, auto-import bookings, track flights, calendar synchronization, travel alerts


Streamline your business by managing practically everything in this productivity app. From customer leads to workflow automation to online quotes, 17hats was built with the entrepreneur in mind. Even it’s tagline — All-In-One For Your Business Of One — just tells you that their app has you covered.

Features include: Calendar sync, lead generation, project management, invoice reports, time tracking, and automated workflows


You may not have thought that video conferencing would make our list of best productivity apps — but it’s the face-to-face communication that moves the needle faster. With no pin codes or downloads, HighFive makes video conferencing easier than ever.


MailChimp email does more than just send a note to your customer. They help you automate every part of the selling cycle — from cart abandonment to order notifications to retargeting site visitors. They help you do it all, and most importantly, sell more.

Features include: Target contacts with ads, recover abandoned carts, order notifications, e-commerce integration


Ever feel bogged down from sending invoices? Invoice2Go gets it, and they want to help. With professional invoice templates, expense tracking, and payment reminders, this timesaving app shows you how to be productive with ease.

Bonus Productivity App: Roadie

The day-to-day of mundane tasks becomes time consuming, but we can help. From inventory rebalancing to last-mile delivery to BODFS, Roadie delivers everything from cupcakes to couches for you. That means you have more time to close sales, build customer relationships, and get back to doing what you love.

Features include: Real-time tracking, insurance up to $10,000, delivery confirmations, verified Drivers, scheduled delivery, transparent pricing