The emergence of rideshare apps disrupted local travel, replacing traditional taxi services with the flexibility and speed of smartphone apps like Uber and Lyft. Soon after, rideshare services expanded into food and grocery delivery, transforming and elevating consumer expectations for ease and convenience. So how else–and where else–is the gig economy shaking things up? Enter auto parts delivery gigs, a revolution that’s giving automotive dealers access to on-demand drivers.

A Win-Win for Dealers and IRFs

Historically–as evidenced by a report from Carlisle & Company–only about 20% of orders from Independent Repair Facilities (IRFs) were filled by dealers. Long delivery times, availability, and cost were contributing factors to the low percentage. The rise of auto parts delivery businesses is helping to solve these challenges. Rather than having to turn away orders that are not within their delivery scope, dealers can now dispatch an on-demand driver. Once the gig is confirmed, the dealer, driver, and recipient receive relevant information, like GPS tracking and description of the pick-up and drop-off locations.

A Need for Speed

Often, IRFs request parts and need that order filled sooner than a dealer’s set delivery route would allow. Rather than turn down the order or attempt to carry it out with a delayed timeframe, dealers are able to provide same-day and “one hour” delivery. So how does it work? Drivers within auto delivery gig networks are already on their way, whether running an errand, on their way to or from work, or finishing their other rideshare gig. They choose the gig that’s convenient–and often close–for them, speeding up the overall delivery process.


Lack of part availability used to hinder a dealer’s ability to complete an order and deliver parts in a timely manner, if at all. An added benefit of the surge in auto part delivery companies is dealers being able to turn to other dealers for support. If a dealer lacks the parts to fill an order, they can check the inventory of local dealers and dispatch a driver to pick up the parts without a hiccup in their own schedule.

Last-Mile and On-Demand Delivery

Only two dozen auto parts delivery companies can provide last-mile and on-demand delivery, and Roadie is one of them. With the nation’s largest local same-day delivery footprint and capacity for parts of all sizes, we’re able to quickly and easily connect drivers with dealers to enhance the speed and flexibility of auto parts delivery. Now, mechanics, owners, and dealers are able to scale their same-day delivery up to 70 miles.

  • 200,000 drivers across the nation
  • Delivery scale up to 70 miles
  • $100 included insurance on every delivery

So while dealers and OEMs begin to tap into the new world of gig economy as it pertains to auto parts delivery, you can tap into Roadie’s well-established fleet network, automotive experience, and delivery expertise in getting your parts on the road quickly and affordably.