Shoppers want a choice of when to receive their products, whether that’s same-day, next-day or on a date of their choosing. But no matter when they want delivery, they want to know where their orders are from the time they click purchase to the time of delivery. Retailers that can’t provide that level of choice and visibility stand to miss out on business. Consider the data:

  • Two in five consumers are willing to pay more for a better shopping experience and won’t be back if their experience isn’t good.
  • Nearly nine in 10 customers say order tracking is “important” or “very important.”

Of course, retailers can’t do it alone. And many traditional fulfillment partners can’t provide the kind of versatility and flexibility needed to meet this type of customer demand. 

That’s where crowdsourced delivery with Roadie comes in. 

Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery platform is an always-on final mile delivery solution that’s ready when you need it and allows you and your customers to keep eyes on products from click to delivery. Giving customers that transparency helped us win Home Depot’s award for highest CSAT scores in 2020 and 2021. Plus, Roadie offers senders ways to streamline order pickup and delivery that keep your bottom line in mind.

What do we mean by “always on”? How are we tracking orders the whole way? And how are we helping you save money? Read on to learn about three key features of the Roadie platform that will give you an edge over competitors when it comes to offering choice and visibility in the last mile:

Real-time delivery  tracking for visibility all the way

Roadie’s API has real-time tracking built in, so you and your customers can see where an order is at every stage of the delivery from any device. More importantly, it allows you to spot delays and other issues right away, so you can stay on-top of deliveries. 

The Roadie platform also includes photographic chain of custody, allowing your team to visually confirm order arrival, and notify customers when and where the driver left their delivery. Offering your customers this kind of transparency isn’t just a nice-to-have — it’s becoming table stakes as more customers shop online.

Batched orders to streamline delivery

Single-item deliveries are far less efficient than sending multiple items or orders with a single driver. Senders have historically relied on point-to-point delivery to ensure orders could be delivered within just a few hours. But that approach is inefficient and expensive. Roadie’s API gives senders another option, making it easy to batch orders and stage them for pickup by a crowdsourced driver and still deliver quickly. All you have to do is submit a CSV file or API request. Roadie’s algorithm will find the best combination of orders to send with a driver, post the delivery for drivers to claim and then match the order to the driver for pickup.

Making the process even easier, the Roadie SmartSort™ app can be installed on your existing scanning devices to help your warehouse crew efficiently batch and stage orders for pickup. This flexibility and scalability helps you meet quick-changing customer needs without stress.

Better routing to save time and money

Optimized delivery routes can boost your bottom line. After all, using fewer drivers can mean cost savings for your operation. And faster deliveries can lead to happier customers that are more likely to give you their repeat business.

But those routes can be a time suck without a little help putting them together. The Roadie platform makes routing a breeze, whether you need to make one-off or multi-stop deliveries, or pick up return items. Instead of manually planning each route, your team can focus on growing and supporting your business while Roadie takes care of designing the best route for every order. 

Delivery is easier with Roadie

The retail landscape is getting more competitive every day, which makes providing a great customer experience essential. With the help of Roadie’s crowdsourcing platform, you can offer the fast, efficient and transparent delivery process that customers demand.

Want to learn more about how Roadie’s crowdsourcing platform can improve your delivery process? Read all about it here.

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