Companies are being asked to deliver online orders faster than ever, but not all are set up to meet these demands. Traditional carriers consolidate too many orders, resulting in longer delivery times, but point-to-point delivery is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to manage. 

With Roadie’s batching and routing algorithm combined with its national network of crowdsourced drivers, you get access to a platform that consolidates the perfect number of orders and a pool of on-demand delivery drivers to ensure fast final mile delivery.

With U.S. e-commerce orders expected to cross the $1 trillion mark in 2022, organizations that want their piece of that pie are looking for new ways to deliver quickly, efficiently and effectively.

For help, more companies are turning to Roadie’s batched and routed delivery option because:

  • Batching and routing allows all companies to offer their customers an expanded list of delivery options without the need for additional in-house drivers, vehicles and logistics capabilities. 
  • Roadie leverages a national network of independent drivers to build routes that balance fast delivery with cost savings — for you and your customers.
  • With fewer drivers arriving to pick up orders, your team can spend less time waiting and more time doing the jobs they were trained to do.  

How do you know if batched and routed is right for you? If you’re sending out multiple orders on the same day to the same geographic area — and if those orders are handled by different carriers, drivers or vehicles — then it’s time for a change.

A fast delivery solution for all companies 

Businesses from pharmacies and meal delivery services to auto repair shops and industrial distributors can all benefit from batched and routed delivery:  

Grocery: The pandemic jump-started online grocery shopping, and the trend isn’t expected to slow down. Research shows that more shoppers are interested in home delivery for its convenience, flexibility and speed, which makes routing especially critical for meal kit companies, online grocery delivery providers and other non-traditional companies operating in the space. Grocery retailers need fulfillment partners that can keep up. With batching and routing, grocery retailers can create optimized routes that get orders to their customers when they want them whether it’s in time for dinner or a few days before a big holiday.

Auto parts: Automotive parts retailers are using Roadie’s batched and routed delivery to add flexibility to their own delivery networks. The on-demand solution helps them get tires and other auto parts where they are needed, when they are needed, all without adding extra costs to the business by requiring several one-off deliveries.

Pharmacy: Whether driven by the convenience of home delivery or limited in their ability to access pharmacies due to physical or geographic constraints, more people are opting to have their medication delivered directly to their home. Pharmacy partners must be able to deliver fast to ensure patients have their medication when they need it. Roadie’s batching and routing can help by sending orders out on streamlined routes with a single crowdsourced driver that promises on-time delivery while saving on costs for pharmacies and their customers.  

Home improvement: Retailers can save time and money by shipping directly from distribution centers, reserving their own fleets for deliveries with longer timelines. The Roadie network of independent drivers can reach customers up to 100 miles from distribution centers. Batching and routing enables teams to make the most of delivery from those locations while saving time and space at retail stores for walk-in business.

General retail: There was a time when Amazon’s two-day shipping guarantee was the average retailer’s biggest headache. The pandemic changed all of that when it sent everyone home to work, learn, play and shop. By batching orders headed in the same general direction and then routing those orders for fast and efficient delivery based on factors like location and fulfillment deadline, Roadie helps retailers and their other third-party logistics providers save time and money while also giving customers a choice of when to receive their order.

Using batch delivery to meet your customers’ fast shipping demands

With Roadie’s solution you don’t have to choose between speed and efficiency. Orders headed in the same general direction are grouped along a single, optimized route. That approach helps companies save time and money while meeting customers’ delivery expectations. Here’s how it works:

  • Senders submit multiple orders via a CSV file or use Roadie’s application programming interface (API).
  • Once the orders are in, Roadie’s proprietary algorithm combines multiple orders into a single pickup based on parameters like direction and deadline, and it plans out a logical and efficient route for the driver. 
  • Employees group the orders for driver pickup. They can use the Roadie SmartSort™ app installed on scanners or mobile devices to make the process easier.
  • A single crowdsourced delivery driver picks up a batch of orders and delivers them quickly, often within just a few hours. 

It’s as simple as that. 

Don’t wait to start delivering smarter with batching and routing

Your customers aren’t only looking for speed when it comes to delivery. They also want a choice in when, where and how to receive their orders — whether they’re receiving medication, groceries, home repair supplies, car tires or other retail goods. Be ready to give them options with a fulfillment partner who can deliver on demand in a way that keeps customer satisfaction and your bottom line top of mind. 

Want to learn more about batched and routed delivery? Read on to discover the benefits of batched and routed delivery and how to make the process work for your business.

How Batched and Routed Delivery Can Help Your Business Keep Up With Demand Year-Round