Whether he’s a grill master or golf pro, record collector or passionate athlete, consumers spare no expense when it comes to dear old Dad — even if that means a last-minute purchase.

According to the NRF, consumers spent $20 billion on Father’s Day in 2022. However, many wait until the last minute to choose a gift. In one survey of 1,000 American shoppers, for example, nearly one-in-10 Americans said they purchase Father’s Day gifts the day before or day of Father’s Day.  

The last-minute nature of Father’s Day shopping creates an opportunity for retailers that can provide same-day and next-day delivery of Father’s Day gifts. Better yet, crowdsourced delivery technology makes the promise of ultrafast delivery accessible for retailers everywhere – whether you operate several stores locally or hundreds nationwide.

Leverage the right partners to meet last-minute demand

Partnering with a crowdsourced delivery platform like Roadie is the key to unlocking ultrafast delivery on Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and every day. Advances in technologies like forecasting software, on-demand warehousing, sorting solutions and routing algorithms make a quick, seamless final-mile delivery for a last-minute gift accessible to virtually any retailer.

By leveraging the Roadie network of independent drivers, retailers don’t need to rely solely on traditional courier and parcel services. The added costs and capacity limits of these traditional delivery partners for ultrafast delivery holds many smaller retailers back by forcing them to cap their business, stop selling based on hard delivery cutoff times, and miss opportunities for last-minute sales. 

Crowdsourced delivery creates the flexibility needed to easily scale up and down to meet the demands of a last-minute holiday peak on Father’s Day. 

Keep delivery costs low with crowdsourced delivery 

Cost is often cited as one of the biggest challenges when it comes to last-mile logistics. Research from Insider Intelligence found that the last mile makes up 53% of overall delivery costs, comprising line items like labor, fuel and failed delivery attempts.

But the right crowdsourced delivery platform helps keep those costs low and even eliminates some. Crowdsourced delivery is tech-heavy and asset-light, so retailers don’t need to invest a bunch of money up front. A network of crowdsourced gig drivers use their own vehicles and pick up deliveries from any location, whether from a traditional brick-and-mortar store or directly from the warehouse. This lets retailers offset the overhead costs associated with owning and maintaining a fleet of delivery vehicles or using more expensive private couriers and carriers. 

Plus, the option of on-demand or scheduled delivery options eliminates the pricey nature of multiple or failed delivery attempts. Roadie gives senders the ability to schedule and track their customers’ deliveries ensuring packages get delivered where and when their customer expects them, leading to happy shoppers — and happy dads.