Almost anything can be delivered at your doorstep today, including medications. Prescription deliveries are on the rise to fill the need for convenient, fast and safe deliveries to at-home customers and those in long-term care facilities. 

The pharmaceutical medication delivery market is projected to be worth more than $2 trillion annually by 2025, further reinforced by an aging population that will require more medications. This older demographic stands to gain the most from prescription delivery, as they may not have transportation to visit a pharmacy or may be unable to leave their living facility. 

While prescription delivery continues to grow, logistical and supply chain constraints at pharmacies still limit customers. Whether you run a small, local pharmacy or you’re in charge of a regional or national chain, you’ll need to be able to provide fast, reliable delivery to remain a competitive player in the industry — and to fill that critical need for customers. 

The Roadie network of 200,000 independent drivers nationwide can reach even remote areas that traditional couriers and carriers can’t. Roadie’s solutions for pharmaceutical delivery prioritize safety, security and privacy while helping businesses save time and cost. With Roadie, your business can make delivery a differentiator by offering convenient same-day deliveries within 100 miles.

Faster Pharmacy Delivery for Less

The extra cost for delivery is often cited as the biggest disadvantage of choosing prescription delivery. But on-demand delivery comes with several advantages. Unlike traditional couriers, which have limited capacity, limited reach and rigid schedules, Roadie’s crowdsourcing platform can match you with drivers ready to deliver when and where you need. 

Plus, pharmacies save time uploading and scheduling multiple deliveries with Roadie’s batch delivery feature, saving an average of 25% on delivery costs when you send multiple deliveries in the same time frame. By utilizing a logistics platform like Roadie, pharmacies can also expand revenue by capitalizing on customers who prefer mail order prescriptions. 

Fleet Scalability to Handle Variable Volumes

Prescription delivery has opened a new revenue stream for many pharmacies and retail pharmacies, allowing these businesses to increase the volume they can handle and attract new customers.  

Prescription delivery appeals to homebound patients or those with busy schedules who can’t afford to wait in line at the pharmacy. Getting medications delivered to their doorstop also increases the likelihood of patients refilling their prescriptions on time and regularly. Helping to ensure medication adherence with prescription delivery can improve customer retention and as a result sales rates.

As one of the largest retail pharmacy chains in the U.S., CVS Pharmacy saw the benefits of prescription delivery first-hand throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. In 2020, the retailer saw a major uptick in revenue, largely backed by a 10x increase in online orders.

Those types of gains are no longer limited to large retailers. Small and midsize retailers can now get enterprise-grade last-mile logistics power by using Roadie. The number of orders your pharmacy can handle daily may vary, and sometimes you just can’t forecast demand. By leveraging the Roadie network of crowdsourced drivers, pharmacies and retailers can add delivery resources in real time throughout the day. You can use Roadie as much as needed, when you need to, allowing you to better accommodate unforeseen surges in demand. 

Better Visibility, Secure Tracking and Privacy

When it comes to providing medications, patient privacy is top priority. At Roadie, every driver is pre-screened upon signing-up on the platform. Security is another major pillar of prescription delivery. Its platform includes real-time tracking, photo confirmations and signature upon delivery at no extra cost. Customers can also leave special instructions for drivers for extra peace of mind.

Go Above and Beyond with Convenient Same-Day Delivery

Set your business apart with same-day prescription delivery. Beyond the opportunity for increased sales and customer retention, prescription delivery is a vital service. Roadie gives you the ability to deliver prescriptions where they need to go fast, reliably and safely. Whether that’s a home, long-term care facility or anywhere that meets a critical need, Roadie is here to help.