Megaretailers like Amazon and Walmart have years of experience, a comprehensive network of delivery partners and their own fleets to meet consumers’ growing appetites for ultrafast delivery. After all, they’re major players that have driven one in three shoppers to expect same-day delivery, according to McKinsey.

This high bar can be daunting if you’re not one of the world’s largest retailers; local same-day and even next-day delivery can feel completely out of reach. Even large retailers often struggle to coordinate ultrafast delivery of thousands of orders across hundreds or thousands of individual stores and fulfillment locations.

But with help from Roadie, you don’t need complex logistics infrastructure to compete. The Roadie nationwide delivery network of independent drivers enables businesses of all sizes to instantly start offering ultrafast local delivery to 20,000-plus ZIP codes nationwide. Just by logging onto Roadie’s web portal and setting up an account, you can start accessing a faster, more flexible and more scalable same-day delivery option than traditional carriers and couriers can provide – with account management and prioritized support built right into the app. 

Getting Started

Using Roadie puts a 200,000-strong independent driver network at your fingertips immediately. And the platform is easy to use, enabling you to get orders out the door fast. Just fill in a few details, click “Create a Delivery” and start sending. If you’re not ready to start sending deliveries yet, the platform lets you create estimates to better understand your costs. 

Scaling up your sending volume is easy to do, too, thanks to tools within the platform that help you manage capacity for growing deliveries and monthly scheduled orders. 

While some businesses choose to integrate their backend systems via the Roadie API, that’s not a requirement, even for large enterprises. An intuitive interface on the Roadie portal makes it easy to start accessing things like:

  • Batched and routed delivery. Roadie’s routing software groups all of your orders with a similar deadline, using the addresses to create the most efficient delivery route for a single driver. This can help limit the miles driven for deliveries and improve your last-mile sustainability KPIs. Roadie’s versatile web tools allow you to track each individual delivery or the whole route.
  • Bulk uploads. The bulk upload tool allows you to upload multiple orders at once, which is faster and more convenient than entering them one at a time.
  • Templates. Some things might be the same in every delivery, like your pick up address, deadline or special instructions like where to park for the pickup. If you provide these details to Roadie, we can autofill order details to save you time. And you can still modify those fields if something changes. 
  • Contract pricing. Sudden cost increases can do a number on your financial projections. With Roadie, you can access flat-rate pricing based on the size, distance and urgency of your deliveries. That transparency makes it easy to know your costs as your business grows. And knowing your costs makes it possible to plan for growth. What’s more, high-volume senders may even be eligible for volume discounts. 
  • Logistics dashboard. The Roadie portal’s easy management tools are quickly accessible in your browser and allow you to easily coordinate all your deliveries, even if there are thousands to keep track of. The portal is enhanced with a sender logistics dashboard to make it even more streamlined, including filters to help sort your deliveries by driver, delivery status or pickup time. Powerful search, sort and filter options mean you can get right to the information you need right away.
  • Support when you need it. In addition to powerful and streamlined shipping tools, the Roadie portal features account management and on-demand support. That includes short videos that give you quick, clear and accurate answers to common questions to make your experience the best it can be.

How Roadie Transforms Delivery

For those businesses that don’t have a massive delivery infrastructure already established, access to the Roadie network and the Roadie portal means you can beat other companies’ service levels with same-day local delivery. Using Roadie gives you an advantage: You can scale up your delivery capabilities when you need them and scale down when you don’t. 

Plus, you can increase your delivery range whenever you’re ready — as far as 100 miles from your pick up point. There is zero overhead to worry about. You don’t even need to box up any items you send with Roadie. 

Using Roadie also means you can offer a superior customer experience, from allowing them to select narrow delivery windows when they know they’ll be home to providing live tracking and push notifications so they know where their item is every step of the way. You can even include special instructions to drivers so they make the delivery experience just right. With Roadie, you’re in control of the entire delivery experience.

Those are the kinds of service levels that build long-term customer relationships: The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer found the most effective ways to gain trust with customers include ensuring good information quality and providing communication and transparency. 

According to Invesp, more than half (51%) of retailers offer same-day delivery and 65% plan to offer it within two years. That’s putting pressure on everyone else to start matching those ultrafast delivery times — or risk losing out to those who can meet consumer expectations. Setting up an account with Roadie means you can instantly join their ranks; just set up an account on the Roadie portal and start sending today. Click this link to learn more … or go here to open your Roadie account.