There are lots of reasons to be optimistic about business in 2024, coming off a strong holiday season and positive economic indicators. Consumers are ready to spend and will award that precious share of their wallets to brands that deliver on what they really value: affordable convenience, sustainability and speed. 

The last mile is one of the best places in the supply chain to make meaningful changes to influence delivery costs, on-time delivery ratings, sustainability metrics and more. Now is the perfect time to make sure your last-mile delivery experience is aligned with evolving consumer expectations so that you can attract and retain fully satisfied customers. 

Reasons to be cheerful

The news about the economy is looking up:

  • The U.S. annual inflation fell to 3.1% for the 12 months ending January 2024, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, compared to the previous rate of 3.4%.
  • The New York Times says “hiring has remained stronger than expected, wage growth is chugging along and retail sales data have suggested that consumers are still willing to spend.”
  • The National Retail Federation’s Monthly Economic Review says the economy “has been more resilient than expected” and shows no sign of a recession.

Even food prices, one of the most visible impacts of inflation, are returning to normal — not dropping, but also not rising nearly as fast as they were, according to the Times

What consumers want

All that good news is helping consumers relax — and spend. But they have some clear preferences about what they expect in return, including a smooth and successful delivery.

Missteps can be costly. Research by Descartes Systems Group found 67% of consumers reported having a delivery problem in the three months before the survey. In the aftermath, the biggest consequence was loss of trust in the delivery company (24%) — and for 17%, it was avoiding retailers that use that delivery company. About one in five (21%) report they will not order from the retailer again.

Getting delivery right is a key part of the brand experience. Consumers want:

Speed and control

The top delivery issues cited include late deliveries (23%), delivery at a different time than expected (22%) and longer delivery periods than the consumer was happy with (18%). 

Findings like these are among the many reasons brands are opting for a delivery experience they can control. Consumers not only appreciate the same-day options of crowdsourced delivery, but they also love the ability to select a tight delivery window, track their orders and communicate with delivery companies about their order throughout the process.  

Convenience and low cost

At checkout, shoppers often consider cost, check return policies and look for delivery options that work for their needs. Crowdsourced delivery checks all of these boxes. Roadie enables scalable solutions that fit fluctuating demand, tap the power of the gig workforce and move purchases directly from warehouse or store to the customer’s doorstep, which all help drive costs out of the delivery process. 


Sustainability is increasingly top of mind for shoppers. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of consumers — and 85% of those 18 to 25 — express concern about the environmental impact of ecommerce delivery. 

Roadie taps a network of independent drivers already on the road and the 4 billion-plus cubic feet of unused cargo space in passenger vehicles. Roadie uses a consolidated routing algorithm to efficiently group deliveries. For that extra measure of conservation, retailers can tap Roadie Green™ to access drivers with electric or hybrid vehicles in select markets. Custom reporting — with third-party verification pending — makes it easy for customers to evaluate the sustainability of their deliveries. Read more about that here

With consumers ready to spend, offering the delivery experience they’re looking for is essential. Crowdsourced delivery with Roadie helps brands avoid the costs, delays and errors that can accompany parcel service — and build a more low-cost, ultrafast, accurate and sustainable delivery experience.