Let’s face it. We all hold onto items we never use: the toolbox sitting in the garage, the folding chairs stored in the basement, even furniture kept in the attic. There’s no reason to let your stuff collect dust when you could be making money by renting items out to someone who needs it today. And now it’s even easier to rent and exchange items with Rentus.com and Roadie.

We’re thrilled to team up with Rentus.com to offer pickup and delivery for all items rented through the online marketplace. Currently in L.A. only, Rentus.com allows owners to make money by renting out items without letting them go.

Get The Nation’s Largest Local Same-Day Footprint.

And when it comes to deliveries and returns, owners and renters no longer need to deal with the headaches of traffic and logistics. No matter if they’re sending or returning, Roadie saves owners and renters time by connecting them with a trusted driver who will pick up and deliver items for them.

“Our users will be able to arrange and schedule the delivery of the items they just rented in our platform and have the assurance of having a reliable and trusted person handling their items,” Rentus.com CEO Elias Chavando said. “No other marketplace offers this service and our users are happy to have this option at their disposal.”

With 300,000 items in the average American household, figuring out how to rent out stuff opens up a new opportunity for families and businesses to make money on rarely used items. And through our partnership, we’re excited to give renters and owners a safe alternative to meeting in person or dealing with traditional shipping hassles. Roadie gives renters and owners a personalized delivery experience, including real-time tracking, photographic chain of custody, and coverage up to $10,000 through UPS Capital.

How Roadie Works

Take a moment to see what you need to know about setting up your Rentus delivery. Once you’re finished with your rental, simply post a return Gig.