We know it can be difficult to manage all the drivers and deadlines associated with your deliveries. That’s why we’ve released several new options for sorting, filtering, and searching your orders with ease.



View deliveries by driver

With our new ‘By Driver’ view, you can see your deliveries based on who’s assigned to them. If you have batching enabled, you can easily know which orders to prepare next based off of which drivers are arriving soon.



Filter deliveries by status

Filtering by status allows you to focus on what’s most important in the moment, whether that’s cancellations, deliveries in progress, or orders that are yet to be picked up.





Sort by pickup time or driver

Sort your deliveries in ascending or descending order by pickup time or organize them alphabetically by driver. Combine filtering with sorting to zero in on the most pressing deliveries and see exactly who’s delivering what and when.



Find what you need using in-depth search

Get specific with what you’re looking for. Search by order number, delivery location, delivery contact and more. You can even search within a filtered list. Need to repost a delivery that didn’t make it out? Set your filter to “Expired” and search the order number or delivery recipient to find and repost almost instantly. If you have batching enabled, you can use By Driver view to search an order number and find what batch the order is in.


Navigating your deliveries has never been easier thanks to our improved search, sort, and filter options. Create your next delivery today! And if you’re interested in discussing these features along with other benefits Roadie has to offer, our Account Managers would love to hear from you.