The Situation

ScriptDrop is a healthcare technology company that connects pharmacies to a network of qualified delivery partners to enable prescription delivery across the U.S. Since 2016, it has helped patients get their prescriptions quickly, conveniently, and securely from pharmacies nationwide.

scriptdrop prescription delivery

The Challenge

ScriptDrop had little trouble finding solutions for delivery in big cities, but delivery platforms that could reach smaller towns and rural areas were harder to find — especially at a price point that wouldn’t discourage adoption of prescription delivery. The company spent a lot of time going through phone books, trying to find local couriers that met its security standards and could get deliveries completed quickly outside of major metropolitan areas.

The Solution

When it found Roadie, ScriptDrop was able to breathe a sigh of relief. Not only could ScriptDrop deliver to smaller and remote markets nationwide with a single platform, but Roadie’s commitment to data integrity and customers’ privacy also made them an essential partner. The relationship had other benefits for ScriptDrop. 

Tapping into the Roadie national network of independent drivers made it possible for ScriptDrop to access rural and hard-to-reach areas that other solutions couldn’t. The ability to deliver to a greater number of zip codes also allowed ScriptDrop to scale up faster. Roadie’s screening process helped find reliable and professional drivers, making prescription pickup and delivery a seamless experience for pharmacies and their customers.

Cost can be a sensitive point in health care. To avoid passing higher costs on to patients, ScriptDrop must find solutions that help keep prescription access affordable. Roadie’s routing and batch-delivery features contribute to that goal. Instead of sending each delivery on its own, ScriptDrop can combine multiple deliveries into a single streamlined batch with one driver.

And because drivers in the Roadie network live and drive in the communities they serve, ScriptDrop was able to immediately expand its coverage to reach new customers and markets.

The Rollout

Collaboration with Roadie has been the key to success for ScriptDrop since Day One of their partnership. The two companies integrated their teams through the messaging app Slack to allow for faster communication. Roadie’s responsiveness to feature requests and other questions helps keep orders moving and has been a major satisfaction point for ScriptDrop. 

The rollout with Roadie began gradually. At first, ScriptDrop manually entered orders into Roadie’s dashboard. When the team gave Roadie a heads-up about some of the more remote markets they were hoping to reach with same-day delivery, Roadie pushed notifications out to its driver network to find coverage in those areas. By testing a few different ideas to boost driver engagement, the companies were able to activate new markets.

As Roadie established itself as a trustworthy partner and was able to support ScriptDrop in more markets than it had been able to reach before, the number of orders ScriptDrop placed on the Roadie platform increased considerably. With that volume, it was time to find a more efficient way to get orders into the Roadie system. 

Roadie’s batch tool was a lifesaver, allowing ScriptDrop to upload orders more quickly and easily. Without the need for an entire team of people entering orders every day, ScriptDrop employees were free to focus on other priorities.

This empowered ScriptDrop and Roadie to take another step forward together: full automation. Roadie connected ScriptDrop’s development team to its API experts, who provided a development and testing environment that enabled ScriptDrop to plug its system into Roadie’s user-friendly API. That lets ScriptDrop dispatch orders directly to Roadie from within its own proprietary platform.

Even better, with a few conference calls ahead of the integration to get the details smoothed out, ScriptDrop experienced no technical difficulties when switching over to the Roadie API. No downtime for ScriptDrop meant no downtime for its pharmacy partners and the patients waiting on medication. With order entry now a breeze, ScriptDrop has continued to increase the volume of deliveries it sends via Roadie. 

Throughout the entire journey, Roadie helped ScriptDrop solve its delivery challenges while keeping costs reasonable. This was a huge benefit not only to ScriptDrop but also to its end customers, who didn’t have to feel the pinch of excess delivery fees on top of healthcare costs.

The Result

Roadie’s promise to ScriptDrop is that drivers will pick up and deliver orders traveling less than 20 miles in under three hours. With an on-time delivery rate of 98% on those orders, ScriptDrop’s trust in the platform solidified and encouraged them to send more volume via Roadie.

Meanwhile, with one of the largest coverage areas in the country, Roadie continues to help ScriptDrop provide same-day delivery to its customers in new markets, and it has worked with ScriptDrop to add features to the platform that help get even more deliveries to patients. Using Roadie, ScriptDrop can deliver essential prescriptions anytime, to customers across the country, without excess costs.