The Situation

Since 2015, Roadie has been working with airline partners across 71 U.S. airports to quickly reunite customers with their mishandled bags. In fact, Roadie drivers have a track record for delivering mishandled bags up to 50% faster for all five major U.S. airlines.

In the summer of 2019 (one of the busiest travel seasons), one airline partner experienced a disruption of baggage operations at two major hubs. Consistently rated as one of the best airlines for customer service, our partner quickly resolved the outage and needed to reunite travelers with their bags to ensure an inconvenient customer experience didn’t become a terrible one.

airline scales delivery capacity 600% with roadie

The Challenge

The operational outage resulted in a 600% increase in bags that needed to be delivered to passengers. Had the airline been relying on traditional courier services, there would have been almost no way to add in the necessary capacity to deliver all bags the same day. They would have needed to identify additional providers on the fly or deal with days of baggage delivery backlogs — a horrible experience for staff and passengers alike.

The Result

Because Roadie taps into a crowdsourced network of drivers already on the road, we were able to instantly scale capacity in multiple markets across the country. As delayed bags arrived in their final destinations, the airline’s baggage service agents simply followed their usual process for sending bags with Roadie. As the deliveries were posted, more drivers were activated to complete them.

The airline’s customers received real-time tracking that they could view on any device and SMS updates as their bags were picked-up, in-transit and safely delivered. Even though missing their baggage on arrival was a hassle, customers were thankful for the clear, concise communication and rapid deliveries.

“Thank you so much! Never expected to get our luggage so quickly.”

Athena G.

“Thank you for keeping me updated on my luggage journey! I was able to track when my suitcase would arrive and I had a nice note of apology on my bag from the driver. Thanks again for being timely and professional.”

Terri T.

“Thank you so much for bringing our luggage. I got text messages with tracking and the driver called with arrival time when he got here. Loved that!! Such great service.”

Sara G.