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Atlanta, GA New York, NY Chicago, IL Austin, TX San Francisco, CA Boston, MA Miami, FL Omaha, NE Dallas, TX Orlando, FL Charlotte, NC Phoenix, AZ Chattanooga, TN Tampa, FL Fort Worth, TX San Diego, CA Brentwood, TN Buckhead, GA Brookhaven, GA Mooresville, IN Seatonville, KY Sherman Oaks, CA Harrisburg, NC Hendersonville, TN Simi Valley, CA Nashville, TN Brooklyn, NY
Kansas City, KS Cleveland, OH Los Angeles, CA Seattle, WA Houston, TX Philadelphia, PA Phoenix, AZ San Diego, CA Miami, FL Charlotte, NC New Orleans, LA Birmingham, AL Dallas, TX Atlanta, GA Macon, GA Orlando, FL Hermosa Beach, CA Tybee, GA Brentwood, TN Fort Worth, TX Brookhaven, GA Buckhead, GA Alpharetta, GA Indianapolis, IN Louisville, KY Van Nuys, CA Gallatin, TN Thousand Oaks, CA Sylvan Park, TN Manhattan, NY Decatur, GA
Fits in a shoebox Fits in the front seat of a car Fits in the back seat Fits in a hatchback or SUV Fits in a pickup truck Pet: Crated, fits in the back seat
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Roadie offers local and nationwide delivery so you can donate anytime, anywhere.

Whether you're donating items or have no way to get your Goodwill® purchases home, Roadie makes it easy to get your stuff picked up and delivered.

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Here's How It Works:

  1. Tap this link to schedule a Goodwill® pickup and delivery — we call this creating a Gig.
  2. Tell us where and when you want your donations picked up and delivered. Find the Goodwill® nearest you.
  3. Keep notifications on so you can choose a Driver. Then, the donation will be on its way!
  4. When Roadie drops off your donations at Goodwill, request a Goodwill donation receipt.
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