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Give home improvers a better delivery experience

  • While great progress has been made in guaranteeing fast delivery in NFL cities, traditional delivery networks have struggled to bring the same service to smaller cities and towns. The fact is home improvers everywhere sometimes need fast or urgent deliveries.

    Roadie’s network of 150,000+ background-checked and insured drivers creates a last-mile solution that allows you to add delivery capacity when you need it. With coverage in 11,000 cities, our flexible fleet of passenger cars, trucks and vans ensures projects don’t get put on hold because of delayed delivery.


  • Home improvement orders come in a range of all sizes, from screws or nails that fit in the front seat of a car to huge ladders. Why should a contractor have to navigate complex pricing or send workers to pickup an order just because it’s oversized?

    Roadie matches you with the right driver for the job with a price based on mileage – no dim-weight charges or oversized item fees. If it can fit in the bed of a truck, Roadie can deliver it, saving DIY-ers and professionals the hassle of going to the store.

  • Customers expect effortless experiences. From searching for the right drill bit to tracking it’s delivery progress, they expect you to make it easy to get the items they need.  

    With a robust API, choosing to integrate delivery with Roadie creates a truly frictionless experience. Customers can choose their preferred delivery option during the normal checkout experience and Roadie will handle the rest, including scheduling, tracking, and confirming deliveries.

  • When you exceed customers’ expectations, you create stickier experiences that lead to repeat purchases and increased revenue. Customers learn that they can always rely on you to help them finish the job. Roadie‘s crowdsourced model – tapping employees, customers, and nearby drivers – creates a delivery infrastructure that saves the sale, grows revenue, and achieves on-time delivery with guaranteed SLAs.

A flexible nationwide delivery provider

Roadie helps home improvement retailers keep their customer’s projects on track, whether orders are headed to work sites or homes. As a result, stores see higher customer satisfaction and increased sales.






nationwide same-day delivery

Learn to launch same-day delivery for items of all sizes, nationwide.

Our Ultimate Same-Day Delivery Guide gives you three guides in one — you’ll learn how to make your delivery flex, scale, and lift nationwide.

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A situational snapshot


A national home improvement brand plans to launch a ship-from-store or warehouse model in order to offer customers scheduled, next-day, or same-day order delivery. This retailer has an existing e-commerce platform to sell directly to DIYers and professional customers.


Growing competition from e-commerce giants has prompted them to offer customers flexible delivery options and explore alternative last-mile delivery services. To remain competitive, they need to offer fast fulfillment in all their markets for all their products. The retailer looks for a single source that can solve same-day and rush delivery in large and small markets alike.


Home improvement brands partner with Roadie to solve last-mile delivery for everything from caulk to paint cans to cabinets. At Roadie, we’re empowering companies of all sizes to solve delivery with a dynamic and efficient solution that flexes capacity based on variable demand.

The result is a delivery solution that easily scales nationwide and dynamically flexes capacity. Home improvement retailers are able to personalize the delivery experience and see increased customer satisfaction and more sales.