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A green thumb calls for greener shipping

How to move plants with no fuss

Roadie knows how to ship plants and flowers the stress-free way while staying in your budget. From flowers to shrubs & everything in between, you’re covered. Roadie drivers deliver door-to-door, so your plants can have a speedy and stress-free journey. Your plants will be traveling first class, upright, and snug inside the vehicle of a driver who is already heading to where your plants need to go. And our network of drivers covers all 50 states, so we can handle any distance without a huge increase in cost.

How to ship plants with less packaging and waste

Figuring out how to ship plants isn’t as complicated as it seems. When you’re looking how to ship flowers or plants a greener way, look no further than Roadie. Only your driver will handle your plants, which means they won’t be tossed around from truck to warehouse to truck to doorstep the way traditional companies handle transporting plants. That means you don’t need all that expensive and wasteful packaging.

how to ship plants flowersDiscover how to move plants without stressing them

Long, hot trips aren’t good for plants and flowers because they can quickly wilt and get distressed. Botanists and gardening experts recommend the shortest, coolest methods for plant shipping. Roadie delivers by driving the plants right to where they need to go — in the comfortable climate of a passenger vehicle.

Stories from the road

  • Careful handling from the store to the event

    Adaptation Floral Design is a full-service wedding and event florist in Atlanta, and their handmade and custom bouquets need careful handling. They were looking to expand their business but were looking for a reliable way on how to ship plants and flowers without hurting their budget. They heard about Roadie knew how to mail plants through the grapevine, and posted a delivery. Then another. Then another. In one day, they made nearly 150 deliveries with Roadie and look forward to making hundreds more in the coming year.


    Get floral arrangements delivered with next day delivery
  • The potted plants needed to go to Miami without stress

    Marco discovered his green thumb when he bought six succulent plants for his apartment in New York, and enjoyed tending to them every day. It was soothing and eased stress, and they made his place look spiffy. He was determined to bring his plants along when he moved to Miami Beach. However, he worried that the rest of his furniture and belongings on the long drive down the coast might crush the plants. He searched online for how to ship potted plants affordably and discovered Roadie. Marco posted a delivery on a Thursday afternoon and by the end of the day Friday, Jack was already on the way to fetch the succulents and bring them to Miami Beach.

    Shipping services for succulents and other plants

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How to ship plants

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