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Save hundreds on bike shipping

Roadie has a driver who’s already planning a trip to where your bike needs to go, whether it’s a few states away for a race or a shorter jaunt across town. Unlike other bike transport platforms, Roadie keeps costs low by tapping into unused space in cars already on the road. And because community lives at the heart of Roadie’s marketplace, nobody beats the friendly drivers on our platform.

Roadie revolutionized bike transport

You don’t need to lift a finger or stuff your ride into a bike box! A driver will come right to your door to pick up your bike, install it safely in their vehicle, and deliver it door to door. We can usually handle bike shipping within a couple days of when you post a Gig — and there’s never an upcharge for that. You don’t need to take your bike apart or spend money on a use-it-once customized bike shipping box when you send a bike with Roadie.

Know exactly who’s handling your wheels

Why settle for less when you need bike shipping? Don’t hand off your prized piece of equipment to some random employee in a uniform. Then, he’s going to hand it off to another person at a sorting center. And after that, most bike transport companies have a different employee hand it off to yet another person driving a truck. All that movement can jostle those sensitive gears and brakes during bike transport. With Roadie, your driver will keep a watchful eye on your wheels the whole journey.

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How people use Roadie for bike shipping
  • Tune-ups and Maintenance. Roadie can ship a bike to your trusted maintenance shop and bring it back to you when the work is done.
  • Races. Roadie handles shipping a bike the friendlier, more affordable way so you can focus on training and preparing for the race.
  • Family Vacations. Have Roadie handle bike transport to and from your family’s favorite vacation spot. That’s one less thing to worry about while you’re packing and herding everyone out the door.
  • College Students. Your favorite college student thought walking across campus 10 times a day was going to be easy, and now they realize it’s so far. Try shipping a bike from home, and maybe spring for an extra large basket so they can haul that backpack around too.

Stories from the road

  • Delivery to D.C.

    Josh owns a fitness equipment company in the Atlanta area called This is Fitness One, and much of their business is done online with customers all over the country. So he uses Roadie for affordable bike transport.

    He’s already posted more than 20 Gigs using Roadie’s bike transport platform, so when a customer in Washington, D.C. bought a Keiser M3 exercise bike, Josh went right to Roadie to create a new Gig. Driver Edward happened to be going that way a couple days later, and the Keiser M3 was delivered in perfect condition – 633 miles away for a modest fee of just $165.

    Next day delivery for exercise equipment
  • Sending to the set

    Greg is a scenic artist for movies being filmed in South Georgia, such as Fast and the Furious, and they do a LOT of walking around the sets and warehouses to get supplies. Five to eight miles a day is typical, and sometimes they’re carrying equipment or tools.

    Mike came up with a clever solution. He took old bike parts and welded together a new adult tricycle to easily navigate around the warehouse and the sets. Mike’s tricycle is so popular that friends and co-workers beg to borrow it on their movie shoots, so now Mike sells them – and uses Roadie for bike shipping. One recent Gig was for a tricycle that needed to be delivered 511 miles from Venice, FL, to Fayetteville, GA, and Mike was thrilled that it only cost $166.

    Send your trike with same day shipping
  • Nearby Delivery for eBay Bike Sale

    Eric is an avid eBay seller and he was tired of watching the bikes his kids had outgrown collect dust as they sat unused in his garage. He was wistful about selling the bikes, but knew other kids would enjoy them, so he sold them on eBay for a couple hundred bucks.

    The buyer happened to live just 3 miles away in another neighborhood in Dallas. But the bikes wouldn’t fit in Eric’s car, and traditional bike transport platforms would have cost too much. Eric posted a Gig, and for just $36, David delivered the bikes to their new owners.

    Send kids' bikes with Roadie shipping solutions

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