Hassle-free Craigslist pickup and delivery

Door-to-door Craigslist delivery platform

Don’t waste time standing in line at the Post Office or driving to a parcel drop-off location. Roadie connects you with a driver who’ll come right to your doorstep and deliver it directly to the recipient.

Roadie is the gentlest, quickest and cheapest Craigslist shipping platform for items bought and sold on eBay, Craigslist and other online retailers. Our door-to-door Craigslist delivery platform means there’s no rough handoffs and tossing items around on conveyor belts, warehouses, and trucks.

Security and transparency for Craigslist shipping

Watch your item move in real-time with our app or online. We also require photos at every point of the process, along with an optional delivery signature upon completion, so you’ll know exactly where your things are and when they will arrive.

Roadie also automatically offers $100 in insurance for every delivery with the option to purchase additional coverage up to $10,000. We partner with UPS Capital to offer this extra layer of protection.

Why choose Roadie for Craigslist pickup and delivery?

Personal Driver

Once you post a Craigslist pickup and delivery Gig, get matched with a pre-screened, highly rated driver.

Instant Price Quotes

With our instant price calculator, you’ll know exactly how much it’s going to cost for your Craigslist shipping Gig.

No Packaging

Stop wasting money on bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and boxes, and save to score more cool stuff on Craigslist or eBay.

Community Focus

Choosing Roadie for Craigslist shipping puts dollars in the pockets of people in your community.

Stories from the road

  • For the baby's new nursery

    While pregnant with her first child, Leena decided to hunt online for some well-made, affordable furniture for the nursery. She came across a beautiful yellow glider armchair and ottoman set on Craigslist, but it wouldn’t fit in her sedan.

    Leena needed to find an affordable Craigslist shipping platform to get it home. She found Roadie and posted a Gig, and Kevin picked up and delivered it 16 miles across Atlanta the same day for only $64.

    Baby gliders make it to destination fast with next day delivery
  • Cross-Country delivery in two days

    Sairey always wanted a cargo trike, so she could bike around town and carry things she needed. She found the perfect one on Craigslist, but the seller Matt didn’t know how to ship it from Tennessee to Saint Paul, MN, over 800 miles away.

    Sairey researched Craigslist delivery options and found Roadie. She was amazed that it would only cost her about $200, so she posted a Gig. Jeremiah, a driver on Roadie’s platform, had room in his cargo van to fit the cargo trike, so he delivered it while making a nationwide road trip that took him right through Saint Paul.

    Now Sairey rides her cargo trike — which she named “Memphis the Wander Wagon” — all around town.

    Cargo trike same-day shipping
  • A deal on the couch and on delivery

    Silk is a flight attendant who lives a transient life, finding herself in a new city every few days. Because she’s always in the air, she never had time to buy furniture for her new apartment in Atlanta.

    When she found out that Esther, a Craigslist seller, was giving away a free couch on the site, she jumped at the opportunity. She just needed to find an affordable Craigslist pickup and delivery platform. Silk posted a Gig after learning that Roadie was the most affordable Craigslist shipping option she could find. The next day, Dave delivered the couch to Silk’s front door for only $69.

    Craigslist delivery for sofas and other furniture

See what else you can send

  • Roadie delivery service applies to items big and small
  • Receive essential oils and cosmetics with next-day delivery
    Essential Oils
  • Roadie delivers eggs and other groceries with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Roadie's shipping services ensure your espresso machine makes it safely
    Espresso Machine
  • Shipping services accessible from an iPad
  • Fulfill emergency printer ink needs with Roadie shipping services
  • Balloons and other inflatables make it safely with Roadie's shipping options
  • Get your iron on the fly with next day delivery
  • Send forgotten keys with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Get shipping quote for Kayak delivery
  • Get sinks delivered same day with Roadie shipping services
    Kitchen Sink
  • Next day delivery for kettlebells and other workout gear
  • Receive medical supplies via Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery
    Medical Supplies
  • Send important casette tapes with crowdsourced delivery
  • Roadie's shipping solutions make sure your motorcycle is delivered safely
  • Send microwaves with Roadie's package delivery services
  • Send important documents like passports with next-day delivery
  • Send and receive printers and other business items with Roadie's shipping solutions
  • Prescription
  • Same-day delivery service for party supplies like piñatas
  • Xylophones and other instruments make it safely thanks to crowdsourced delivery
  • Get your comic book fix with same-day shipping
    X-Men #1
  • Shipping solutions for your X-ray specs
    X-Ray Glasses
  • Get your Xenomorph delivered with same-day shipping

Craigslist Pickup and Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

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