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Your antiques, handled with care

Hand delivered with care

Roadie’s door-to-door platform is the most affordable way to ship antiques local or nationwide. Only one driver will touch your antiques the entire journey, so you don’t have to worry about all the jostling, tossing on conveyor belts and rough handoffs that happen with traditional antique shipping companies.

Why people use Roadie for shipping antiques
  • New Antiques! You found a lovely (and large) hutch at an antique shop and it’s perfect for your dining room. But it won’t fit in your car. No worries. Post a Gig and Roadie will find a driver with a spacious vehicle to get that beauty home.
  • Selling Antiques. Store owners and independent sellers use Roadie to ship antiques, often the same day or next-day.
  • Cleaning and Repair. Sometimes antiques need special restoration work or custom cleaning. Roadie can transport antiques to your trusted craftsman, and bring them back when the work is complete.
  • Moving. Do you really want to hand over valuable items to traditional moving companies, where workers cram things into semi trucks like they’re playing Jenga? Didn’t think so. Let Roadie handle your antique furniture shipping and rest assured that your driver will take excellent care of them the entire journey.
The easy, affordable way for antique delivery

Don’t waste time with the hassle of waiting in line to ship antiques. Roadie comes right to your door to pick up your items and delivers them right to the door of the recipient — all for less than traditional antique shipping companies or courier platforms. Shipping antiques is a breeze with Roadie.

shipping antiques with Roadie
Have peace of mind when you ship antiques

You care about your antiques, and so do we. Our team knows that antiques can be delicate and are often fragile. That’s why we offer photos at every point in the antique delivery process, real-time tracking, and coverage up to $10,000. Drivers will securely stow your antiques right in their vehicle and get them to their destination with no fuss.

Stories from the road

  • A rare find over 2,000 miles away

    Debbie loves antiques, and she’s always wanted an antique arcade palm reader. When she stumbled upon one, she bought it immediately. The only problem was that Debbie lived in Bishop, CA — 2,261 miles away from the Queen of Hearts Antique Shop in Buford, GA, that sold her the machine.

    Stacey, the owner of Queen of Hearts, wanted to find an easy, low-cost way to send the arcade palm reader. Knowing how awkward it would be to ship antiques with a traditional carrier, Stacey turned to Roadie.

    She posted a Gig, and Timothy offered cross-country antique delivery. Five days later, Debbie proudly set up the palm reader in her home.

    Ship antique fortune teller machine with same day shipping
  • Finding the perfect tune

    Al collects music boxes from all over the country, and he recently found a large antique 18th century music box from a shop in Graham, NC, that was handcrafted from dark wood. Knowing how fragile it was, Al was nervous about having it tossed around trucks and conveyor belts with traditional shipping companies.

    Al posted a Gig on Roadie and two days later Kristin hand-delivered it 367 miles away to his home in Austell, GA, for only $87.

    Send your antique music box with Roadie's package delivery service
  • Expanding an antique business across state lines

    Chad collects antique, handmade items and became so passionate about it that he started working at Counter Culture, a furniture designer in Missouri. He now manages shipping for the local favorite shop. Chad’s boss recently found a 1930’s antique pommel horse and wanted to refurbish it into six pommel horse stools.

    After finding the right pommel horse at a shop in Atlanta, Chad placed the order. He knew he could rely on Roadie to deliver it 788 miles away to Orrick, MO, within a week.

    Roadie ships antiques “safer and faster” than traditional antique shipping companies, Chad says.

    Send antique pommel horses

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Shipping Antiques with Roadie

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