UPS Capital, a subsidiary of UPS® (NYSE:UPS), today announced its licensed affiliate, UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., will provide Roadie, Inc., a neighbor-to-neighbor delivery network, with a parcel insurance solution that will protect items shipped via the Roadie community with a value up to $10,000.

“While Roadie provides a new way of shipping items, senders still need to know that their valuable goods are protected during transit,” said Ronald Chang, president of UPS Capital. “With our extensive experience in secure transport, UPS Capital provides Roadie the ability to assure senders that their shipments are protected.  UPS Capital is a leader in using new technologies and innovative programs to help companies like Roadie protect their customers’ goods.”

Roadie automatically protects items with a value up to $100 at no additional charge.  Previously, Roadie senders could add an additional $2,500 in protection for an extra fee of $5 per each additional $500 in value. Now, Roadie offers senders the opportunity to protect shipments with up to $10,000 in value under a parcel insurance policy issued to Roadie through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc.  As a result, Roadie senders can elect to protect a $5,000 item for only $45.

“With the expertise UPS Capital provides in secure logistics, Roadie senders have even more peace of mind that their items are protected,” said Marc Gorlin, founder and chief executive officer of Roadie. “Giving our senders increased confidence that their shipments are protected is just one more way the Roadie community is winning loyal customers and providing another way for people to ship items.” 

Since it launched in January 2015, more than 175,000 people have downloaded the Roadie app. Roadie drivers have delivered items ranging from car keys to couches to kayaks throughout the United States. 

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