120,000+ verified drivers

With a community of drivers across all 50 states, Roadie can expand your delivery reach to 89% of all U.S. households. In fact, we’ve delivered to more than 11,000 cities and towns nationwide — a larger footprint than Amazon Prime Now.

These Brands Trust Roadie

Why Roadie for enterprise

Roadie makes it easier for enterprises to launch and scale same-day delivery to reach customers anytime, anywhere. With the nation’s most flexible and scalable delivery solution, we can get new markets up and running in weeks — not just in NFL cities, but in the cities and towns in between.

Omnichannel Integration

Need to launch BODFS, BOPFS and BOPIL with a seamless customer experience? Roadie brings them together with a single solution.

Rush, Same-day or Scheduled Deliveries

Our public API makes it easier for large retailers to launch and scale a menu of delivery options to meet every customer need.

Local, Regional and National Reach

Multiple delivery providers can add exponential complexity. Roadie offers a single, uniform solution that reaches 89% of all U.S. households.

Flexible Size & Distance Capabilities

With 120,000+ drivers across all 50 states, our flexible fleet of passenger cars, trucks and vans can meet variable demand.

Large Item Pricing Based on 
Mileage Not Weight

Customers want same-day delivery, even for oversized, unboxed inventory. If it fits in a passenger vehicle, Roadie can deliver it.

API Integration

Our API integrates with other applications to schedule and track orders, match drivers and confirm deliveries via timestamp or signature.

How Roadie works

We’re building a point-to-point infrastructure for last-mile logistics, crowdsourcing drivers from big commerce ecosystems to provide a faster, more flexible and more scalable solution for scheduled and same-day delivery. 

  • Same-Day Delivery With No Technical Integration

    With our mobile and web applications, Roadie makes it easy to launch same-day delivery with no set-up time or expense. At purchase, customers can request a pickup in minutes and track their delivery in real-time from pickup to drop-off.

    • Allow customers to own the delivery process
    • Give customers the flexibility to choose delivery window
    • Enable customers to set up deliveries on their mobile device or desktop
    • Launch new delivery service in any market in less than 4 weeks

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  • Integrate Same-Day and Last-Mile Delivery with Less Time and Expense

    The Roadie API helps small and medium-sized companies save time and development expenses by standardizing integration and automating the delivery workflow.

    • Include Roadie as a same-day delivery option for your customers
    • Use Roadie to supplement existing delivery drivers
    • Seamlessly move inventory from one location to another

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  • Seamless Communication Between Systems

    Our custom integration teams works with your technical team to connect existing checkout and order fulfillment systems to schedule deliveries instantly.

    • Optimize order processing with a custom-built solution
    • Schedule deliveries at the point of sale
    • Drive and streamline same-day delivery within existing infrastructure