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From mattes to mosaics, Roadie makes shipping art easy

Let Roadie show you how to ship artwork effortlessly

Skip the headaches of traditional shipping and send artwork with Roadie locally or nationwide. No matter whether your art needs to travel across town or hundreds of miles across state lines, Roadie’s platform covers all 50 states. And one of them is already planning a trip to the place where your artwork also needs to go. Putting items in the extra space in cars already on the road is how to ship a painting or other art the more efficient, greener way.

Fragile? We invented fragile

Forget about the idea of some stranger tossing your delicate painting or artwork onto conveyor belts zooming around a dusty distribution warehouse, then onto a truck. And then onto another truck until finally reaching your front porch. With Roadie, only your matched driver will handle your valuable art pieces and drive it directly from one door to the other. That’s how to ship art with confidence.

How to ship a painting for just a little coin

We know your treasures are, well, treasures. When you decide to get that beloved family heirloom portrait of your great-great-great-grandmother professionally framed, and need to find a way to get the painting to the framer and back home without draining your bank account, let Roadie show you how to ship a painting for just a little coin.

how to ship artwork with Roadie
How to ship art if it’s heavy

Beautiful things can be big. And heavy. Drivers have all sorts of large, spacious vehicles like SUVs and pickup trucks to ensure your heavy artwork is safely delivered. The details you give us when you set up your delivery will tell us what sort of vehicle can accommodate your big beautiful masterpiece. Because drivers aren’t movers, you may need to ask a friend to help load and unload the item if your artwork is heavy.

Pro tip: clear obstacles and open doors, and talk through how and where you’re going to carry it before you start moving. Have both people get a firm but gentle grip of the item, and coordinate your movements to get that art safely in the vehicle.

Stories from the road

  • Giraffe sculpture's long 776-mile journey

    Ron recently finished his graduate degree and got a new job in Philadelphia. He desperately wanted to bring his favorite piece of artwork – a giraffe sculpture – from home as he began a new chapter of life.

    The giraffe, which has long delicate legs and a slender neck, was back at his parents’ house in Watseka, IL. He wasn’t sure how to ship art to Philly.

    Ron heard about Roadie and posted a delivery. Within a week, Matt was headed that way and offered to give the giraffe a lift. The long journey across 776 miles was worth it, and Ron is glad to have his tall inspirational piece of art at his new place. Adulting isn’t so bad after all.

    Send sculptures with Roadie's shipping services
  • Saving her 'soul' sculptures

    Lucy is a talented clay artist who eschews a traditional potter’s wheel in favor of shaping clay with her hands. It takes a lot longer, but she loves it. Her ceramic art is very fragile, and she calls her finished pieces her “soul babies.”

    Lucy had two horrible experiences with other shippers that destroyed her labors of love, and didn’t know if she’d ever trust another shipper again.

    After helping an artist friend on a Roadie delivery, Lucy saw how gentle and responsible Roadie drivers were. She gave it a try and posted one. The piece was delivered flawlessly. Roadie helped restore Lucy’s faith in how to ship art, and she’s busy at work on more pieces.

    Send ceramics safely with Roadie's shipping options

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