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Don't pay urgent fees or waste time sitting in traffic

How Roadie handles rush delivery requests

It’s simple. Tell us where your items need to go, and how soon you need it to get there. When you need quick delivery, simply tell us where your item needs to go and when it needs to be there. Schedule a delivery, and we’ll match you with a driver who can deliver door-to-door. No hidden fees, no handling surcharges, and no urgent upcharges. With Roadie, there are no unnecessary delays to unload and re-load at centralized distribution warehouses. Plus, you can see your stuff move in real-time on your phone or computer.

Same-day delivery that costs less than a courier

Every hour counts when you’re in a bind. Roadie offers reliable, convenient rush delivery when you need something delivered now. Couriers can pile on the price for their quick delivery platform with a number of factors, including urgency, weight, and even waiting charges (yes, they charge for that). Here at Roadie, we’re a flat rate rush shipping platform — the price we quote, is the price you pay. No hidden fees, no gimmicks, and certainly no waiting charges.

Benefits of using Roadie for rush delivery
  • You’re not at the mercy of ironclad pickup schedules. Most traditional rush shipping companies only make pickups a couple times a day at set times. Miss a pickup window and you may have to wait an entire day or a whole weekend until the next one. Roadie is available anytime you need us to make a quick delivery.
  • No waiting in line. You could squander a half hour or more waiting in line at a package drop-off location or a U.S. Postal Service branch. The way we see it, that’s just more time passing with your rush delivery…you know…not rushing.
  • Insurance, just in case. We care about your stuff as much as you do, so Roadie gives $100 worth of insurance coverage for every Gig. For even more peace of mind, senders can buy up to $10,000 in extra protection for especially valuable items for a safe and quick delivery.

Stories from the road

  • This lawyer forgot a critical crate of evidence at his office

    George had an important trial and left his office in San Francisco plenty early to get through traffic to Technology Court in Napa. He was getting situated at the courthouse when, to his horror, he realized he’d inadvertently left a critical crate of evidence at his office back in the city. It was only 42 miles away, but he’d never made it there and back in time with traffic. A colleague recommended Roadie. George posted a Gig, and within minutes, Chris was headed toward George’s office to grab the crate as he headed to work in Napa. George’s heart rate went back to normal, and thanks to Roadie, the crate of evidence arrived in time for trial.

    Roadie delivers boxes of important files via same day shipping
  • Who hasn't forgotten something at the hotel?

    Ashley had a great business trip in Houston, and was back home in Dallas when she realized — gah! — she’d left her briefcase and business paperwork at the hotel in Houston 200 miles away. A friend told her about Roadie, and she posted a Gig the next morning for a rush delivery. Eric was heading to Dallas and he delivered her briefcase and files to her door that night — just in time for a big meeting the next day.

    Get your briefcase and important work items fast with same day shipping
  • No issues for this middle-of-the-night delivery

    Matt works the night shift at Scottish Rite Hospital in Atlanta, and one night his wife Ashley realized she’d locked herself out of their house in the middle of the night. They live 30 miles away from the hospital in Conyers, and it was 2 AM. Uh-oh. Ashley set up a Gig, and a driver brought the keys in an hour. In the middle of the night. For only $12. That’s how Roadie rolls when it comes to quick delivery.

    Send forgotten house keys with crowdsourced shipping solutions

See what else you can send

  • Roadie delivery service applies to items big and small
  • Receive essential oils and cosmetics with next-day delivery
    Essential Oils
  • Roadie delivers eggs and other groceries with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Roadie's shipping services ensure your espresso machine makes it safely
    Espresso Machine
  • Shipping services accessible from an iPad
  • Fulfill emergency printer ink needs with Roadie shipping services
  • Balloons and other inflatables make it safely with Roadie's shipping options
  • Get your iron on the fly with next day delivery
  • Send forgotten keys with crowdsourced shipping solutions
  • Get shipping quote for Kayak delivery
  • Get sinks delivered same day with Roadie shipping services
    Kitchen Sink
  • Next day delivery for kettlebells and other workout gear
  • Receive medical supplies via Roadie’s crowdsourced delivery
    Medical Supplies
  • Send important casette tapes with crowdsourced delivery
  • Roadie's shipping solutions make sure your motorcycle is delivered safely
  • Send microwaves with Roadie's package delivery services
  • Send important documents like passports with next-day delivery
  • Send and receive printers and other business items with Roadie's shipping solutions
  • Prescription
  • Same-day delivery service for party supplies like piñatas
  • Xylophones and other instruments make it safely thanks to crowdsourced delivery
  • Get your comic book fix with same-day shipping
    X-Men #1
  • Shipping solutions for your X-ray specs
    X-Ray Glasses
  • Get your Xenomorph delivered with same-day shipping

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